A Glimmer of Hope that Opens the Door and Invite Others in

Did you know that more than 80% of the world claims some sort of religious affiliation?

Save time, money, and energy by investing in the success of your Faith-Based Employee Resource Group (ERG).

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You Can Create A Place People Go to Be Free to Be

Here's the framework required to build allyship and operate as ONE:

  • Assess Employee Interest
  • Gain Executive Buy-in
  • Clarify your Mission
  • Get Employee Advocates
  • Request Organizational Support
  • Facilitate Powerful Meetings
  • Create Your ERG

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

With the ERG in a Box this framework will be customized for you.

You will get all the resources needed to create or revitalize your Faith-Based ERG. 

Let's Build Your ERG in a Box

With Our ERG in a Box…

We address 7 of the key challenges one may face when starting and maintaining an ERG.

  • Don’t know how
  • Don’t know who’s interested
  • Don’t have executive buy-in
  • Don’t have enough employee advocates
  • Don’t know how to engage non-members
  • Don’t have organizational support
  • Don’t see the change the group set out to make

This box provides the answer to all 7 of these challenges by including customized branding, swag, operational templates, programming outlines, surveys, checklists, and other resources that give you a 1-year curated experience.


Christians in Corporate ERG Program

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Championing for the one

The one who feels left out, the one who feels unseen, the one who doesn’t feel they belong.

This ERG is about uniting the body. We’re answering the call to:

  • Open the door and invite all in to learn, grow, and transform
  • Cultivate our environment and create a workplace that loves one another

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is more than just a tagline, it represents how our unique beliefs add value for the greater good. Bring one another together because we truly are better together.

We invite you to come as you are, be who you are, and remember you are loved.

Who is this Program for...


Those desiring and willing to facilitate change

The Christians in Corporate ERG Program focuses on inclusivity, which is the reason why you should care. This focus is important because our beliefs shape our values and our values shape our behaviors, which shapes our actions. This program is for:

  • Fortune 500 ERG Leaders
  • Employees interested in starting a Faith-Based ERG
  • ERG leaders who want to improve or revitalize their existing ERG
  • D&I Champions

With everyone feeling so burned out and unsure about what companies are doing under the realm of DE&I when there’s no breaking news or trending topic, the one thing they can be certain about is their faith. It is in leading corporations best interest to allow employees to openly lean on their faith when all else fails. To help them rejuvenate by giving them an opportunity to pray, praise, worship, and be in community with other faith-led employees.


To Provide Hope to the Hopeless


This Program Is For You If...

  • You want an experience that creates a positive change
  • You want to shift your organization to be more inclusive
  • You want to restore hope that DE&I initiatives actual work and are being prioritized
  • You want to look up a year from now and feel like you work for a faith-friendly company
  • You want to be recognized for your efforts in achieving the impossible of intertwining faith & work

To receive the tools required for success

With the program you will receive 5 leader boxes. Within each of the leader boxes you will get:

  • The first year theme outlined. The theme for year one of this program is Character Development. The year will be based on the Fruit of a Spirit-Led Leader book.
  • A content calendar to help you plan engagement and programming to build advocacy. You have the option to curate the experience outside of the recommended structure to ensure you’re meeting your organization where they are.
  • You’ll have facilitator guides, survey templates, checklists, a business case template, and much more to ensure a bright future for your ERG.

Accomplish the following objectives in the first year

  1. Operate by the Fruit of the Spirit - making it a code of conduct for your workday
  2. Establish ground rules that allow for everyone to embrace the ERG and feel welcomed no matter their belief
  3. Be comfortable with walking out your faith at work
  4. Be the one place people feel heard, seen, and a sense of belonging
  5. Embrace differences with one call to action: love one another

Heart Posture

If you are in a position to change your organization, desire to change your organization, and want to take an active part in shifting the organization to be more inclusive and not exclude a population of people because it’s controversial and difficult to deal with, then your heart is in the right place to receive this program.

The Christians in Corporate ERG Program is for those who want:

  • To practice inclusivity.
  • To provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded.

If you’re ready to include the one who feels excluded, investing in this program is your next step.

Get started today with a 10% down payment with the delivery of your choice.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." ~Mat 6:21

Christians in Corporate ERG Program



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Down Payment

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Our ERG programs are customized to fit the needs and desires of your organization. The down payment allows us to know your level of commitment and will go towards the final payment.

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