The Foundation of Leadership is Character

Ready to assess the foundation of your leadership? 
Let's explore The Fruit of a Spirit-Led Leader 
Characteristics of Jesus Displayed in Business through the Power of the Holy Spirit
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The Foundation of Leadership is Character

Ready to assess the foundation of your leadership?

Let's explore The Fruit of a Spirit-Led Leader.

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Today, you can decide to be fruitful.

Walking out the Fruit of the Spirit at Work

If you want to be successful in your corporate career, business, or nonprofit, here’s the Secret… involve God by inviting the Holy Spirit to produce fruit in your life. As you become more and more conscious of God’s hand at work, you will

  • Develop a deeper relationship with Him
  • Execute your work with ease
  • Achieve what you’ve been told was impossible
  • Be Spirit-Led and God Confident at work
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Readers Say It is...

A tool for your toolbox

Each chapter just makes my heart smile and it reminds me to continue to work in excellence

An awesome literary work

The author takes you on a journey, examining how to develop and implement the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit

Very very inspiring

I read it 3X a week. I have repeated chapters and stopped many times to reflect on my career.

The Fruit of a Spirit-Led Leader

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Looking for ways to bring your faith into your career and be a true representation of Christ in the workplace? 

Check out "The Fruit of a Spirit-Led Leader" digital book study! This study is designed to help you bring your faith to work, and feel more confident in your walk with God. 

Join us on a journey to be Holy Spirit-Led, and connect with other like-minded professionals along the way.

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