uDecide Framework™

The Most Effective 5-Step Career Navigation Solution for Leading Corporations

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As Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion

Your ultimate desire & goal is to:

proactively navigate their career 

diverse talent

to monitor & report the impact

"Your insights were very much appreciated and will help us on our journey to a stronger Genpact through Diversity.“

- Rory Browne, VP Innovation Transformation Recruitment at Genpact

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*How incivility spreads in the workplace.

That's Why I am here to provide the most effective and sustainable solution:

To help you execute your D&I strategy internally by focusing on Recruitment, Development, and Advancement.

So That Your Employees Can:

  • Feel empowered to own their professional development and begin to design their career
  • Establish healthy work habits by being more present, transparent, and vulnerable
  • Display job satisfaction and output quality work (i.e., fewer errors, minimum wasted time)
  • Contribute to creating a more productive work environment through their active engagement
  • Take initiative and share new ideas, propose innovative solutions, make suggestions, and develop relationships

And Your Corporation Will:

  • Notice an improvement in your employees' performance and see them be more motivated, engaged, and productive
  • See enhanced communication that is open and allows employees to be transparent, innovative, and empathic
  • Observe an increase in employee morale and higher retention rates
  • Fill the developmental void and develop employees' skills and capabilities
  • Build employees' confidence and resiliency to stay and continue moving forward within the company

"Kneisha is an outstanding educator and coach. Her structured approach encourages leaders to challenge their assumptions, think critically, and achieve lasting results."

- Dr. Tina Riley Associate Director and Professor for the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Michigan State University

Why It Works?

uDecide Framework™ explicitly helps employees take ownership of navigating their careers, bringing forth clarity about what it takes to get to the next level or explore a new one.

uDecide Framework™

The Most Effective 5-Step Career Navigation Solution for Leading Corporations

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