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The D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Strategist for Leading Corporations


I help Corporations Increase their Competitive Advantage, Establish A Clear Branding Message  in attracting and retaining top, diverse talent; so that they can avoid Diverse Attrition and potential legal battles of workplace Discrimination.

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I can't imagine where I'd be as a leader, or where our organization would be as a team, without the guidance of Kneisha. Her thoughtful approach as an executive coach has been invaluable in helping me grow in all aspects of my life. We are so grateful to have Kneisha as part of our official onboarding process when someone new joins our team!"

~Megan Fischer, CEO & Founder of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

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The uDecide Framework™ embeds professional growth into the employee experience

Allowing the Head of Global D&I to communicate openly and honestly about what the Corporation can offer

Taking out guesswork for managers regarding how their employees want to professionally develop

Giving employees a customized experience that helps them develop uniquely and take ownership of their career

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A 5-STEP Professional Development Navigational System

"True navigation begins in the human heart. It's the most important map of all." 

Elizabeth Lindsey

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