Trailer: 3 Common Mistakes Believers Make that Destroy their Self-Image

Season #1 Episode #1

Are you looking for someone to believe in you? Saying to yourself "I just need ONE person to believe in me enough to give me a shot!"

If that's you, wondering where the job, contract, promotion, investment, <insert thing here> is and who is holding it up, I want to present to you that it may be YOU.

I know very harsh truth that I too had to realize, which is why in today's episode I am sharing with you the 3 Common Mistakes Believers Make that Destroy their Self-Image and How to Restore and Align to God's Image of Who They Are.

Listen in as I (Kneisha) break down the what, why, and how we:

  1. Believe the failures we've experienced
  2. Become complacent and sit still not because we think it's a good place to be
  3. Lose sight of God and struggle to see ourselves properly

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