The Spirit-Led Leader

The Spirit-Led Leader

Hosted by: Kneisha Sanders

The Spirit-Led Leader Podcast is spiritual growth for the believer in business. As Christians, our two most important commands are to (1) Love God and (2) Love one another. However, we don’t always know how to love....


What Stage of The Spirit-Led Leader Journey are You In?

Season #1 Episode #13

Today's big question is: What stage of The Spirit-Led Leader journey are you in? When you can take a moment to reflect on where you are struggling and hoping to improve you can more easily invite God in to where you...
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Developing Spiritually to Mature as a Spirit-Led Leader

Season #1 Episode #14

Today's episode is about developing your spirit-man. What do I mean by spirit-man? Spirit-man is the spirit of man, it is the place in which the Holy Spirit resides. As your spirit-man develops the more clearly you'd...
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A Life of Fruitfulness: 9 Steps from Dreaming to Ruling

Season #1 Episode #15

This episode is brought to you by Resolution Coaching an organization that provides servant leadership coaching and training because every employee deserves a leader that is Spirit-Led and equipped to serve. To learn...
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A Journey Towards Leading Wholistically

Season #1 Episode #16

Are you willing to go on a journey with me? In preparation for Season 2 of The Spirit-Led Leader podcast where we will focus on developing and producing the fruit of the Spirit, I wanted to extend a personal...
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Wholly Week: Understanding Wholeness, Palm Sunday, and What it means to Be Fruitful

Season #1 Episode #17

It’s Wholly Week! Palm Sunday commemorates the celebration of Jesus’ willingness to save us. It’s a day to remind us to welcome Jesus into our hearts and be willing to follow Him. “Then the multitudes who went before...
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Wholly Focus: Deciding between Worry or Worship and Waiting for a God Move

Season #1 Episode #18

In today's episode, I share a testimonial of a previous book study participant. As you listen to her experience, think about how you can relate to where she is. Assess the consistency of God and desire you have for...
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Wholly Follow: Inherit the Promises of God

Season #1 Episode #19

In today's episode, I am sharing the testimony of Mark Whitacre. Mark is an American business executive who came to public attention in the early 90s for being the highest level corporate executive in U.S. History to...
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Lessons Learned from Starting Something New

Season #1 Episode #20

We are wrapping up season 1 of The Spirit-Led Leader Podcast. It's been 1 year and many lessons learned along the way. The goal of season 1 was to discover your God stories and learn who you are, where you are, and...
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